The Politician (downloadable PDF file)

"... an expose' of a systemic national illness. --G. Vance Smith, 2002

"It is hard for a professional newspaper man to confess that so many things, which he thought were just happening, were actually being made to happen by sinister and conspiratorial forces. But in all honesty the confession must be made. The Politician was a real eye-opener.... This book is the product of historical research of the first order." --Herman Dinsmore, editor (1951-1960) of the International Edition of The New York Times, 1970

This 2002 RWU Press Edition of The Politician is virtually the same as the original "unfinished manuscript" published by Robert Welch in August 1958, except for formatting, indexing, and page numbering issues and one significant addition -- a foreword by G. Vance Smith. At the same time, Mr. Smith was CEO of both The John Birch Society and Robert Welch University. From the vantage point granted by the passage of four decades, Mr. Smith puts The Politician into historical perspective.

This searchable PDF differs from the printed RWU Press edition in that the page breaks are different and thus the page numbering is different.

Philip Dru: Administrator (downloadable PDF file)

"One of the most important political documents of our age has been blacked out." --Columnist Westbrook Pegler

First published anonymously in 1912, Philip Dru: Administrator is significant because it reveals the subversive political philosophy and agenda of its author Eward Mandell House -- quintessential Insider and principal policy maker for the Woodrow Wilson administration. America is still plagued today by the implementation of that agenda.

The 1998 RWU Press edition has added a foreword and several key appendices explaining the significance of the book and its author.

This searchable PDF differs from the printed RWU Press edition in two noticeable respects: 1) The page breaks are different and thus the page numbering is different; and 2) the alphabetical index (pointing to page numbers) has been omitted.

And Not a Shot Is Fired (downloadable PDF file)

"By such parliamentary means a democrartic and representative government can be made authoritarian, legally piece by piece. The form remains, an empty shell.... And not a shot is fired." --John Howland Snow, Introduction, And Not a Shot Is Fired (earlier American edition)

And Not a Shot Is Fired describes a successful step-by-step program for the totalitarian takeover of a free government. The book originated as two chapters of a private internal Czechoslovak Communist strategy paper prepared sometime between 1950 and 1955. When this secret paper was discovered and published in 1961, it became an overnight international sensation.

The primary significance of the book today is that it describes a strategy of deception -- revolutionary parliamentarianism -- constantly employed in the United States to transform it into a socialist tyranny.

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